About Us

    My beautiful wife, Aimee and I are all about faith and family.  We have been richly blessed with three gorgeous children.  One is in college,  one is most likely playing in the yard (or raiding the refridgerator), and the little one is probably clinging to one of our legs.  Work keeps us pretty busy, leaving limited time for hobbies.  Fortunately for us, our work is our favorite hobby.  

    In 1999, shortly before we were married, Aimee told me that if she could be anything she wanted it would be a photographer.  We purchased her first camera that year (film, if you can believe it), and she has been photographing ever since.  

    I, on the other hand, started working with video way back in 1994. It was a VHS tape camcorder and editing was, let's just say very primitive. Over the years, we both continued to upgrade cameras, editing software, and equipment.  More importantly, we both began to take our hobbies more seriously, becoming more and more determined to perfect our crafts.

    In 2009, Aimee made the leap from a major company Vp position, to a full time photographer.  As scary as it was at the time, it would prove to be one of the best decisions of our lives.  In the blink of an eye, we found ourselves shooting weddings every other weekend.  Throughout the week, Aimee worked her magic photographing seniors, families, and children, while I continued working a "regular" job.  My heart however, was in creative media and video production.  Finally, in late 2012, I joined Aimee full time, to help with the growing photography business.  We had long before talked of adding video to our repertiore, and began working on that immediately.  Aimee and I have always worked very well together, so combining the the two fields was a perfect marriage (Pun intended).  These days, regardless of the media we find ourselves working in, we continue to help each other grow professionally.  I regret not starting this journey a little sooner, but aside from that, I wouldn't a change a thing. 

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